Prescription Sunglasses

Decide if prescription sunglasses are for you, then decide on how to choose your frames, from designer frames to our free spare pair offer.


If you're a prescription spectacle wearer you can't just pick up a pair of 'sunnies' at the airport or local department store


Your optical needs require forethought and planning, and this includes sun protective eye wear.

We can discuss your prescription sunglasses requirements with you when you visit, offering you a choice of options so you can sport a perfect pair of shades when the sun comes out!

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Why bother with prescription sunglasses?

The benefits of owning a good quality pair of sunglasses are many and varied.

Long term exposure to UV rays can provoke cataracts, corneal damage and macular degeneration and the protection afforded by quality lenses is indisputable.

Other benefits include:

  •  Fewer headaches and discomfort because of eyestrain caused by bright sunlight
  •  Less drying of the tear film
  •  Protection from wind and debris
  •  Reduced glare from reflections e.g. water, windscreens etc
  •  General enhancement of vision

Ideal Eyes are stockists of Oakley and Rayban designer sunglasses and both brands can be fitted with lenses made to your prescription.

This means you too can enjoy the benefits of the latest fashion and lens technology in your day to day, leisure and sporting activities.

Ideal Eyes stock a wide range glamorous luxury designer frames including Chanel and Christian Dior.

Speak to our Optometrists about the options you have with transition or polarised lenses to keep your eyes effortlessly safe and comfortable in the sun.

Why not take advantage of our free spare pair offer? We can add tinted lenses into a frame of your choice, terms and conditions apply.