Spectacle frames

From designer names to budget spectacles, our fully trained dispensing opticians will help you choose the frame to suit.

Choosing the correct frames takes time, and we’ll give you all the time you need.

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Designer Glasses Frames

Ideal Eyes stocks a wide and varied range of designer brands; Chanel, Oakley and Rayban to name but a few. Our selection is refreshed every three months to ensure the latest designs are on offer.

We also offer designer glasses for children and our expert staff are always on hand to help you make the right choice.

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Lenses & coatings for glasses

Lifestyle has an effect on your choice of lens and coating. Ideal Eyes is able to offer you the latest lens technology and we'll take the time to guide you through the solutions available

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Prescription Sunglasses

Choose designer sunglasses frames from Oakley, Rayban, Chanel, Bulgari, Christian Dior and many others, or take advantage of the free spare pair offer and select a quality unbranded frame for your new prescription sunglasses.

Transition or polarised lenses are also an option for your prescription sunnies, so why not ask our dispensing optician about the suitability for you and your lifestyle and sporting activities, during your consultation?

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Contact Lenses

Our pay monthly contact lens scheme provides a full service; eye exams, check-ups and emergency appointments

A ‘try before you buy’ service is available before you make a final decision. Choose from dailies or monthlies, postal delivery or collection in person and a range of payment options.

We'll make it easy to switch to us from your current provider.

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Regular eye tests are important to maintain the health of your eyes and to achieve the best standard of vision for you always.

Your Optometrist will advise you how often you should have your eyes tested.

If you are aged 16 or under, or over 60 your eye test may be free on the NHS. There are several other categories of people who also qualify. Click here to visit the NHS website find out more or call us at any of our practices for advice.

Private Eye Test
£ 30.00
  • Book at any of our 3 branches in Oxford
  • Includes expert aftercare
  • Includes expert advice
  • Takes up to 30 minutes
Advanced Eye Exam
£ 60.00
  • Book at any of our 3 branches in Oxford.
  • Expert aftercare and advice
  • Retina scans/digital imaging
  • Takes up to 1 hour

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