Ideal eyes was started by Optometrist Paul Spencer 30 years ago.

I qualified as Dispensing optician, then became a CLO , and finally qualified as an Optometrist.

As a result I really understand the different requirements and needs of each role.

All team members work closely at Ideal Eyes and each respects the others job function.


Optometrists are given the time they need and I am constantly looking at ways to improve the experience of both our Optometrists and our patients

If you take the time to do your job properly then you will get more job satisfaction as will your patients.

Dispensing opticians

Dispensing opticians are not sales driven at Ideal eyes, neither do our DO`s work to targets.

Professional service has always worked well for us and we cant see that changing anytime soon!

We run inclusive teams where everyone can have as much or as little input as they wish.

Optics is ever evolving, though we never forget our core service.

I run the company in a transparent manner where everyone has importance and is valued. Aided by an open management structure.

If you want to know more about us then get in touch and we can have an informal chat- Email me on or text me on 07813835614