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Contact Lenses

Conatct Lenses Oxford

Join one of our convenient Direct Debit Contact Lens Schemes and let us take care of everything for you. Benefits include:

  • Monthly Direct Debit payments from as little as £12.49 for monthly lenses and £24 for dailies.
  • All eye tests and Contact lens check ups included.
  • Up to 30% off the ticket price you see on the frame for spectacles.
  • Collect in store or post direct.

At Ideal Eyes we provide a full contact lens fitting and aftercare service.

Our principles of care and value extend through to our provision of contact lenses. We emphasise the importance of regular checkups and continued advice to all our contact lens patients. At the same time, we maintain our prices at a level which compete favourably with those you see on the internet. Our competitive packages have been developed to meet all of your contact lens needs in a straightforward and professional manner.


Providing you with the best possible vision and comfort is our top priority at Ideal Eyes. Modern contact lenses, whether worn on a daily or monthly basis, are remarkably comfortable to wear and our optometrists take all the necessary steps to select the right lenses for you. During the initial assessment, he/she will assess your suitability for contact lens wear, and discuss options with you to determine which particular lens would be best for you to try.

We keep a stock of 'trial' lenses so, subject to your particular prescription, we usually have a pair for you to 'try on' and see for yourself how wearing lenses could benefit you.

If you already wear contact lenses you can be assured that we provide the lenses and/or cleaning solutions that are the same or equivalent to those you are used to. Meanwhile our practitioners and dispensing staff will guide you through a simple process to transfer your care over to us.


Access to advice and regular checks of your eye health are included in all of our Direct Debit contact lens packages.

Contact lenses Ideal Eyes

Nowadays, soft contact lenses can be worn either on a daily basis (disposed of at the end of the day), or monthly (worn on subsequent days and cleaned daily before being replaced after a month's use). Both daily and monthly types are surprisingly comfortable, easy and safe to wear. But since a contact lens is still, technically, a 'foreign object' a qualified ophthalmic optician/optometrist needs to monitor your eyes regularly to ensure your complete safety and peace of mind.

Convenience and Choice

How you receive your lenses is up to you.

Many of our patients like to pop into their branch of Ideal Eyes and collect their lenses in person. This gives them the opportunity for a chat and to ask any questions they may have. However, we are happy to send you most types of lenses by post if you prefer. Once you sign up to one of our packages we will take care of everything for you.

If you have any questions you can check our F. A .Q . page or contact us and talk to one of our friendly staff members.

Thinking of giving contact lenses a try? Call us to book a free trial.

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