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Summertown hosts photograph oxford festival

Posted by Andrea Spencer

The Photography Oxford Festival features acclaimed and award winning photographers in free exhibitions across the city. Three weeks of exhibitions, panel discussions, talks and films celebrate the very finest in world photography.

Summertown Features

Between 14th September and 5th October 2014, the whole of Oxford will be host to the festival, but Summertown has a number of excellent venues we would like to share with you now.

1: Studio 45, Park Town - Exhibitors: Drew Gardner and Joanna Vestey  

A private space developed in the 1850's by Samuel Lipscomb Sackham, it's notable former residents include Aung San Suu Kyi, Nevil Shute and earlr colour photography pioneer, Sarah Anglina Acland.

2: Maison Francaise  -Exhibitor: Bernard Plossu

Founded at the end of the second world war, with the support of the Chancery of the Universities of Paris, Maison Francasie maintains close links with French institutes of higher education and is associated with the University of Oxford. These collaborations make it a hub for Franco-British academia.

3: Lady Margaret Hall - Exhibitors: Why We Print this Picture and Richard Davies

Lady Margaret Hall made it possible for the first women to enter studies at Oxford University, in 1878, one year before men were allowed in to the college. Notable alumni include photographer Time Hetherington and Nigella lawson.

4: Phoenix Picture House - A number of films wil be shown every day from greats such as Alfred Hitchcock, Christopher Nolan, Stanley Donen and Michael Powell.

The Walton street cinema was first opened in 1913 under the name North Oxford Kinema. In 1970 it became Phoenix Cinema and in 1989 it became the first cinema to be owned and run by the former City Screen Ltd, now known as Picturehouse Cinemas.

5: St John's College - Exhibitors: Pentti Sammallahti, Veli Grano and Arno Rafael Minkkinen

Sir Thomas White founded the college in 1555 which played host to novelists and poets A.E Housman, Robert graves, Kingsley Amis, Philip Larkin and John Wain as well as former Prime Minister, Tony Blair.

Until the 5th October, there are many more exhibitions taking place in and around Summertown and the rest of Oxford. These 5 are only the small tip of a reasonably large iceberg! Have a look at the Photography Oxford Festival '14 website to get the full details of the festival and list of events, including the film programme.

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