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Festive eyes - Advice for party peepers

Posted by Andrea Spencer

It's Christmas time, shortly to be followed by New Year and that means late nights, parties, mulled wine, champagne and stress.

All these things can play havoc with the usual bright, sparkly light in your eyes and be the cause of dry, itchy, puffy and red eyes. Although they are still healthy, those peepers certainly need a little reviving.

Smokey atmospheres

One of the main causes for irritated eyes is smoke. If you are suffering, try the old remedy of thinly sliced cucumbers or cold teabags applied to the area, while you lie back and relax for 5 minutes or so. You should feel instantly revived and ready to go. For a long lasting effect though, the best remedy is always a good night's sleep!

Champagne shenanigans and tree troubles

Believe it or not, every year at least half a dozen people are admitted to Moorfields Eye Hospital, in London, with eye injuries sustained from popping corks. If you've never received a cork to eye socket, trust us, it's extremely painful and can cause a lot of damage. Advice on how to avoid this type of accident comes from, Iain Anderson, Chairman of the Eyecare Trust: "Although the effect is less dramatic, you should ALWAYS place a cloth over the cork and gently twist it out of the bottle".

A little less common, but equally painful and just as damaging, Christmas trees can give you a nasty poke in the eye, especially when wrestling to put it up, or bring it down again. Clean, tepid water should be applied to rinse the area and if it's still bothersome after 12 hours, a visit to minor injuries should sort it out. Just don't leave it as an infection could easily set in.

Glamour eyes

The growing trend for wearing coloured contact lenses is fabulous for making an impact at parties. If you want to avoid damaging your eyes and turning beautiful into pitiful, make sure you get them fitted by a qualified optometrist. You will leave the perfect fit and plenty of advice for wearing and caring for your lenses.

False eyelashes may be more readily available and much easier to apply, but always remember to remove them before nodding off to sleep, you don't want blocked glands and infections for the holidays. If you're heading out for a late night, set up a routine for when you return and include a glass of water next to your make up remover - keeping hydrated will keep eyes moistened.

Be prepared

Contact lens wearers should always carry a back-up pair of glasses in case one lens gets lost. At Christmas, with the extra bank holidays, it may take longer to replace them. If one does happen to fall out, don't be tempted to replace it without the proper routine of cleansing and never use tap water. You might need a bigger party bag, but don't get caught short without solutions - you can get travel sized bottles from your optician.

Perfect mince pies, all year round

Most of us tend to overindulge at this time of year, but amongst the extra pastries, cake and chocolates, remember to include fresh veggies, fruit and plenty of water, (grapes are not just a garnish on the cheese board you know)! Balance the diet where you can with low fat alternatives and continue healthy eating for the rest of the year.

The low sun in winter can be as bright and distracting as in summer. Bring out the sunglasses and ensure they the type with maximum ultraviolet protection.

If eye safety equipment is required for your activity when partaking in eye-hazardous work or sport, make sure you wear it, properly; and take periodic comfort breaks from your computer or other close work to relax your eyes and change your focal length.

A happy and healthy Christmas and New Year to all of you from all of us at Ideal Eyes! Have a wonderful festive break.

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