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Can I test out contact lenses before I commit to buying them?

Posted by Andrea Spencer

How does it work if you've never worn contact lenses before and you want to try before you buy? 

All you need to do is call to arrange an appointment for your free initial assessment. If you have an up to date prescription we can start the suitability assessment straight away. If you don't, you will need to have an eye test first. 

From there, it's just a few simple steps to get you into a trial pair of lenses... 


  1. During the initial assessment, your optometrist will assess your suitability for contact lens wear and introduce the options available to you to determine which particular lens would be best for you to try. 

  • General purpose lens - A good all round contact lens, best suited to patients with no specialist requirements. One lens for distance and one for near. 

  • Mono vision - This allows one eye to see in the distance and one at near. 

  • Multi-focal - These allow you to see at near and distance, similarly to varifocal spectacle lenses. 

  • Daily and monthly - Just as it says, lenses can be changed each day as disposable items, or once a month with daily cleaning. 

  • Gas permeable - A small harder lens, suitable for certain types of prescription. 


  1. There will be a general discussion based around the purpose for which you wish to wear your lenses. Are they for social occasions, every day use, computer use or sports for example. 

  1. From here, your optometrist can provide you with a trial pair of contact lenses to wear for around 30 minutes, while you nip off to see how you feel. If your prescription is complex, the Optometrist may need to order special lenses for you to try. This means you will need to return at a later date for the trial. 

  1. Once the Optometrist is happy with the clinical fit of the lenses and your vision, we can arrange follow up appointments for the final lenses to be fitted. 

I've been put off before - What's new? 


The world of contact lens development is ever changing and ever improving. Days were that you could not wear lenses if you need a varifocal, but this is no longer the case. As with the multi-focal lens, you can now consider contact lenses if you have a stigmatism, use computers for lengthy periods or have had previous problems with comfort and irritation. 

The structure of the contact lens is now more flexible, super smooth, softer and boasts extra moist surfaces allowing a far greater percentage of oxygen to reach the eye. 

How many contact lenses do I buy at a time? 

In general our patients purchase lenses on a Direct Debit pay monthly scheme as this covers all eventualities. 

The number of lenses you order per month can be varied to suit your needs. 

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