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4 ways for the contact lens wearer to avoid eye infection

Posted by Andrea Spencer

Infection introduced to the eye and trapped under the contact lens has always been a risk factor for those who choose to wear lenses rather than spectacles.

Treatment for infections such as Acanthamoeba are toxic in themselves and lengthy. It is clear that primary prevention is essential. To follow are the essential things to ensure you include in your routine, as a contact lens wearer in order to reduce the risks as much as possible:

What you can do

  1. Always choose a reputable Ophthalmic Optician, who is trained to take all the necessary steps to ascertain the health of your eyes. The practitioner who dispenses the contact lenses should be available to guide you through the processes, from initial testing to after care.

  2. Ensure you make regular appointments with your Ophthalmic Optician, not just to check if your prescription has changed, but to keep a check on the health of your eye.

  3. Follow the hygiene advice strictly. Do not 'cut corners' in the length of time you wear your lenses for, or in the storage of the lens when you are not wearing them.

  4. At the very first sign of problems, whether you are due for an appointment or not, get in touch with your Optician for advice. You may need to be seen quickly and if treatment is required, the quicker the better.

What Ideal Eyes can do

Join one of our convenient Direct Debit Contact Lens Schemes and let us take care of everything for you. Benefits include:

  • Monthly DD payments from as little as £12.49 for monthly lenses and £24 for dailies.

  • All eye tests and contact lens checkups included.

  • Up to 30% off the ticket price you see on the frame for spectacles.

  • Collect in store or receive them in the post direct to your door.

At Ideal Eyes we provide a full contact lens fitting and aftercare service.

Our principles of care and value extend through to our provision of contact lenses. We emphasise the importance of regular checkups and continued advice to all our contact lens patients. At the same time, we maintain our prices at a level which compete favourably with those you see on the internet.

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